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Pulmonary Independent Medical Exam (IME).

A Pulmonary Independent Medical Exam is an impartial evaluation to evaluate lung injury, disability, or impairment. A Pulmonary Independent Medical Exam is a service often performed at the request of legal counsel, workers' compensation carriers or employers.


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Evaluating Occupational Lung Diseases:

Our center provides reliable and honest occupational lung disease evaluations.  These are typically in the form of pulmonary independent medical exams (IME). However, second opinion evaluations are also performed.

  • The evaluation is conducted by a board-certified pulmonologist.
  • The evaluation includes a medical records review, testing and an in person evaluation.
  • We may also recommend a site visit.
  • Our center will arrange cost-effective testing, if necessary. 
  • The testing will likely include, pulmonary function testing, chest x-rays and chest CT scans. 
  • All in house pulmonary function testing is directly supervised by a board-certified pulmonologist.
  • These tests will help to assess the presence and severity of the occupational lung disease of concern.
  • We can also evaluate employees (non-urgently) for a suspected lung injury. 

We do not see emergencies and we are not a walk-in clinic. 

Appointments are by appointment only.

After all information is reviewed, we will provide a thorough, accurate, and honest report. Care is always directed back to the treating physicians.  However, we can be a resource to treating physicians if needed and facilitate recommended non-urgent treatment.

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