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Our experience:

At Southeastern Occupational Pulmonary Services, PLLC, we understand that occupational lung diseases are serious and complex.  We have over 20 years experience in the evaluation of occupational lung diseases in the workplace.

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Services we provide - Knoxville, Tennessee:


Pulmonary Independent Medical Exams:

We are no longer scheduling new pulmonary independent medical exams (IME).

Lung preservation and monitoring programs:

We no longer offer these services. 

Educational Services:

We no longer offer these services.

Contact us in Knoxville, Tennessee, and see if we can help your business with employee lung issues.

Hours of Operation:  Evaluations performed by appointment only. We are not a walk-in clinic.  We do not see medical or pulmonary (breathing)  emergencies.

About our services:

Southeastern Occupational Pulmonary Services, PLLC is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Our providers do not perform long-term follow up of patients.  After an evaluation, continued follow up remains the responsibility of the employee's health care providers.  We are available to the employee's health care providers as a resource if needed.

The information in this website is intended for information purposes only.  It should is not intended to serve as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a health care professional.

We are committed to serving our client's needs, and evaluate patients in a timely, professional, and compassionate manner.  We are HIPAA compliant with respect to medical evaluations, records and management of personal health information (PHI).

**We do not see medical or breathing emergencies. We are not a walk-in clinic. All appointments are by appointment only.  Appointments must be made by employers, workers' compensation carriers, or law firms.

Proud Supporter of the American Cancer Society and The Chest Foundation.